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  • "What would you rather have? Peace or freedom"
  • "You know, you really suck at goodbyes"
  • "This is the last we will see of each other for a very long time
  • "I don’t want you to save me"
  • "Every fibre of me wants to die"
  • "I made a promise"
  • "If it’s not to late, I think ill like to take you up on…


"You always make me so damn angry…"

Scans from Hulk vs Iron Man issue 4, last issue of original sin tie in


I missed your wonderful voooice <3 You need to commentary stuff. Mystery Science Theater 3000 some shit or something.

Liiies! My voice is as derp as I am herp! *Burrows*


Int: So we can confirm that in Avengers there’s some serious inter character tension happening between Bruce Banner and Tony Stark?


Mighty Avengers #2 Cosplay Variant Cover by J Scott Campbell

Can they make their waists any thinner? God, it’s like those pictures of those women back in the day that break their ribs from binding them so tightly…






"Don’t do the thing, Chris."

"But Jeremy, I want to do the thing."

"Chris, I’m telling you, I’m advising you not to do the thing.”

"Hemsworth, back me up here, I should do the thing."

"No, I’m with Jeremy on this. Don’t do the thing, Chris."

[RDJ Jeremy Renner Advises Chris Evans on his Life Choices]

I love that Hemsworths giant chest is just LOOMING in the background

The hardest thing about depression is that it is addictive. It begins to feel uncomfortable not to be depressed. You feel guilty for feeling happy.
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i’m utterly and completely gobsmacked, and to say anything else would not be doing it justice.  first and foremost, i just… thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for giving my blog a home in this community, because the amount i’ve learned and grown as a writer cannot be quantified.  not only do i want to do something special to commemorate but i also want to celebrate by giving back.  unfortunately, i’m no ace with graphics, so i’m gonna have to stick to something a little more tangible. i hope it’s something you all would like. but before i get started… a couple of folks deserve some serious shoutouts because my blog wouldn’t be where it is without them. 

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I am constantly torn between wanting to improve myself and wanting to destroy myself.
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"…-I’m really the last person you’d want to try to sneak behind.”



"-What was that phrase Tony usually rambles off:
'You have to run before you can walk?'” Banner spoke with light humor tinged in his usually dour tone of voice as he approached.

”-Nice of you to drop in for a visit at any rate, Ms. Potts. I don’t often get friendly visitors when I’m traveling..” The nuclear physicist lifts open the brown leather satchel hanging at his left side and withdraws a small personal cellphone. The strawberry blond was speaking coherently, moving and appeared to be otherwise unharmed despite her rather rough  and tumble landing. She was a strong woman, not someone Bruce would find himself needing to become frantic over. Not when he didn’t see any blood, that was.

"-You okay? Nothing broken -besides the suit?”

She couldn’t help but let the smile light up her lips once she released who she’d landed infront of, pulling the remainder of her helmet off and letting her hair loose, calming down a little as she realised the man infront of her was one of the least likely to attempt to murder her today: “Usually Tony deals with everything armour related…” Pepper explained, reaching up a little to check the light in her chest was still embedded.: “He hasn’t even taught me how to use her automatic controls yet…”


Pushing herself up she sat up properly in the dirt: “-I will be, just bruised-” Taking the offering she flipped it open, typing the needed message back to Stark tower for someone to retrieve her: “Headed anywhere nice?” She found herself asking a few seconds later, breaking the silence.

Eyes like pools of liquid coffee glinted in the warm sun as the nuclear physicist knelt down beside the downed personal assistant of a rival scientist and engineer. Stark held a very unique and infuriating skill set: that of being able to get under the doctor’s irradiated skin without actually being present in the flesh or via hologram. How could Tony just give his tech away without so much as a FAQ or even a brief verbal rundown of simple controls —’you’re being redundant, Banner’. The physicist mentally chided himself as he again gave Ms. Potts another quick once-over to assess damages of the suit. Now wasn’t the time to criticize the fellow genius’ thought process, or lack-thereof.

"Even if I was," There was a lull to his words and the smallest pull, a twitch at one corner of his mouth that could have become the beginnings of a smirk. "Given my track record, it likely wouldn’t remain ‘nice’ for very long." Still cynical, still taking every opportunity to express his own personal flavor of self-loathing. That, and being cryptic regarding his whereabouts and comings and goings was a point of necessity the fugitive had to stress. Even with allies.


"There’s a small town about a half mile from here." Bruce answered, more appropriately and helpfully. Or so the researcher hoped. "More like a village. I think their biggest source of income is a Waffle House." He added on for extra effort as he stood straight, offering a hesitant hand down at the woman with a streak of concern furrowing his dark brows and a twitch of fingers a single second after the gesture. " know how to use those repulsor’s at least…right?” The last thing he wanted to happen today was for his palm to have a neat hole blasted into it from a stray beam. Not just for the ouch factor, but more of the jade and angry variety.


Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.


You ain’t never lost a friend like me.

Goodnight, Funnyman…




What is this sanity you speak of?



I will never be able to watch this movie again without riffing this out loud.

Fuck you very much, tumblr.
Fuck you very much.